Singapore’s PSA Decarbonizes the Future with Smart Grid

By automating device maintenance and optimizing their energy management, PSA gained efficiencies at the device and system level and opened additional revenue streams.

Targeting net zero by 2050

About PSA

PSA International (formerly known as the Port of Singapore Authority) is a leading port group, with more than SGD 4B (USD 3B) in annual revenue, greater than 85M TEUs throughput, and a global network encompassing more than 50 locations in 26 countries (as of 2019).

Beyond port operations, PSA also offers cargo solutions to customers operating in advanced manufacturing, cold chain, e-commerce, and energy & chemicals. PSA actively collaborates with customers and partners to deliver world-class port services, develop innovative cargo solutions, and co-create an Internet of Logistics.

“We hope to grow new capabilities and leverage leading-edge technologies towards the creation of intelligent and energy efficient port systems, enabling us to excel in energy sustainability, while in pursuit of our goal for greater supply chain orchestration.”

Mr Tan Chong Meng

Group CEO of PSA International

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Singapore PSA’s Story



As a leading port operator and global supply chain solutions provider, PSA needs to meet operational demands for energy efficiency in today’s fast-changing global landscape. It also needs to achieve its sustainability goals. Decarbonizing its operations can help the Port establish a green corridor and stand out as a preferred option for global customers.


reduction in absolute greenhouse gas emissions needed by 2030


net zero emissions achieved by 2050



PSA’s Singapore port is one of the largest and busiest ports in the world with 24/7 operations. In order to meet sustainability targets, PSA needed to electrify its container handling equipment, to bring new renewable energy assets online, and to optimize its overall energy system. The trick? Achieving all these complex changes without interrupting the Port’s day-to-day operations.


Week installation


Energy costs increasing


issues with Syncing the grid


03Solution & Impact

Univers’s comprehensive system helped PSA accelerate its path to decarbonization in 3 key ways.  First, with Univers’s Energy and Resource Manager application, PSA was able to achieve energy load optimization across the port’s distributed photovoltaic (PV) assets, energy storage, and load-side equipment such as reefers & AGV. In addition, the energy efficiency management application allowed PSA to reduce per container energy costs. Next, the Univers EnOS system connected hundreds of PSA’s cranes and other assets to enable automated maintenance scheduling and intelligent, real-time collaboration across machines. This digitization and automation helped PSA improve machine- and system-level operations.  In addition, PSA was able to create new revenue streams by aggregating its distributed energy resources and flexible loads to participate in the energy market as a virtual power plant. Through this energy system orchestration, PSA now earns additional revenue providing peak shaving and frequency regulation ancillary services for Singapore’s power grid, and reduces uncontracted capacity charges.

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