EnOS Cloud is the only decarbonization system combining IOT connectivity with enterprise data, analytics, carbon management and application enablement services.

EnOS Cloud empowers organizations to manage the entire decarbonization journey, by providing the flexibility for organizations to create a purpose-built energy management platform that tightly suits their needs and spans decarbonization management across renewables, facilities, fleets, and suppliers.


Adapts to any hardware, public or private cloud infrastructure to reduce cost and time to market


Comprehensive libraries span devices, data processing, AI, and application services


Fully programmable user experience and configurable analytics to support your operational and business needs

Customer Story

Singapore’s PSA Decarbonizes the Future with Smart Grid

By automating device maintenance and optimizing their energy management, PSA gained efficiencies at the device and system level and opened additional revenue streams.


Quickly and effectively connect large-scale sites and cross domain devices to enable full lifecycle management of renewables, fleets, and facilities.

View data from assets in real time.

Monitor your operations and assets and reduce down time.

Accelerate onboarding with out-of-the-box device management.


Enable data asset realization and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of massive amounts of IoT data.

Build custom dimensional models to facilitate the creation of custom metrics​.

Increase accountability and traceability by documenting how data is created, connected, stored, served, and consumed.

Build an assortment of data quality dashboards, reports, and more.


Combine massive data sets and advanced analytics to orchestrate smart processes and decisions.

Gain a deeper understanding of AI pipelines through visualizing them in real time.

Forecast your system results months into the future and detect errors with trained AI models.

Easily generate domain-specific algorithms with the AI Analytics Suite and utilize templates that can be configured with a range of business metrics.

Discover valuable new insights using the data exploration and analysis tool.

Uncover value by discovering new insights using the data exploration and analysis tool.


Reduce barriers with pre-built application building blocks that help developers to rapidly build, deploy, and scale applications with IoT data.

Choose from pre-built applications, compose with EnOS Common Building Blocks, or build your own.

Support collaborative innovation by a variety of developers with a diverse array of APIs and SDKs.

Utilize common building blocks to accelerate the development of new services and templates.

Customer Story

Microsoft Leapfrogs Energy Innovation

Advanced Analytics

Supercharge your renewable asset management with Univers Advanced Analytics


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