Energy and Resource Manager

Energy and Resource Manager

Accelerate your path to sustainability across energy, water, and waste management. Go beyond monitoring and efficiency gains to prioritize high-potential, data-driven carbon and energy abatement actions, track progress towards goals, and become a preferred provider to sustainability-conscious organizations and consumers.

Univers Energy and Resource Manager combines real-time data, AI-augmented monitoring, and automation to improve efficiency and abate energy consumption. Combine with Univers Carbon Management to provide your organization real-time reporting and recommendations that improve efficiency across energy, water, and waste and reduce carbon emissions across your global portfolio.


View high-quality system consumption data across energy, water, and waste management to identify risks and opportunities for improving efficiency.


Explore operational data to uncover asset health risks and underperformance issues. Directly offer root cause analysis and maintenance suggestions for different issue categories.


Unite your organization with a single sustainability source of truth that delivers recommendations and corrective action based on abatement opportunity size.

The road to recovery in hospitality industry opens an opportunity to build more sustainable operations. The hotel industry has a significant impact to the environment and society as it is among the highest users of water, energy and food, while at the same time provides jobs and ripple effect to the overall economy. Therefore, it is important for hotel operators to start transforming their operations to be more sustainable. HSBC is committed to support our customers in their transition journey and we are delighted to support Citadines Bali’s journey in decarbonising their operations and we hope this will inspire other players in the hospitality industry.

Eri Budiono.

Commercial Banking Director, HSBC Indonesia

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A comprehensive solution providing real-time edge monitoring for energy, water, and waste management from single buildings to thousands.

Empower a diverse array of stakeholders with powerful visualizations of energy, water, and waste consumption across your fleet of buildings and facilities.

Benchmark energy consumption of each asset in your fleet, including HVAC, lifts, chillers, and more.

Monitor, analyze, and report carbon emissions across systems, sites, and global portfolios.


Reduce energy emissions and costs with analytical tools spanning fault detection and diagnostics.

Detect inefficiences in equipment and system operations via advanced data analytics in order to reduce both energy waste and cost.

Discover asset faults with rule-based algorithms using deviation limit checks to ensure mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems are optimized for energy efficiency and lifetime ROI.

Carbon Management

Measure, manage, and monitor your carbon emissions with real-world data


Increase energy, water, and waste efficiency