Unleash the potential of your Commercial and Industrial assets with real-time data analytics, monitoring, and performance management for your portfolio.

Transform real-time data into actionable insights and improve renewable asset performance for your entire portfolio. Compatible with over 250 data loggers and inverters, the Qantum monitoring platform collects and centralizes data from a diverse set of PV assets.

Centralize data

One platform for all your data enabled by scalable, reliable, and secure collection from virtually any renewable asset type, system or database.

Powerful and scaleable

Onboard hundreds and thousands of solar PV assets quickly and easily. Operate and manage many Commercial and Industrial assets efficiently as one portfolio.

Integrated Tickets system

Manage field service tasks and SLAs, and follow-up with staff directly from the platform. Integrate your systems into a single pane of glass.

"We have been using the renewable monitoring and management platform Qantum since 2012. It is a complete solution for managing and operating solar photovoltaic portfolios, from data analytics to the custom reporting. 

We have asked Qantum Team to set up a collection of very specific parameters which ensures the optimisation of the plant performance."

Julien Colas

Operations Manager at CVE




1 Week

average setup time


additional hardware cost


CVE Monitors Industrial Solar PV Rooftop

Increase operational performance and optimize maintenance.

Monitor the availability of hundreds of assets at once with a single dashboard. Manage performance at the asset, site, and portfolio levels.

Qantum collects data from any solar plant, data acquisition system, datalogger, database, SCADA or 3rd party source into a single cloud data hub.

Customize alarms and event notifications, so you can quickly prioritize swift operational actions and maximize availability.

Stay on top of your data on the go. Monitor operating statuses, alarms, and analytics, and plan maintenance routines from our apps.

Drive asset performance through data.

Uncover the true value of your renewable plants using data analytics. Pinpoint and address issues right away, and maximize availability rates in real-time.

Track progress towards your KPIs with customized dashboards and visualizations that incorporate equipment, performance, and financial indicators. Leverage data to move from static and reactive O&M processes to proactive and predictive.

Scale the deployment of personalized renewable analytics libraries using custom formula based calculations, across thousands of plants in a few steps.

Enhance performance with data driven decision-making. Share custom reports, personalize templates and graphs, and automate asset and portfolio reviews with all stakeholders.

Connect assets to your IT ecosystem.

Bring your assets and software applications together with Qantum’s API 2.0 and streamline your business processes.

Gather information from assets on- and off-site on a single data monitoring platform, seamlessly share data across third-party applications, and connect your CMMS, invoicing, asset management and BI reporting tools.

Improve renewable asset portfolio performance

Whatever the size of your enterprise, Univers can transform your energy usage.