A globally scalable charging-as-a-service platform for businesses, buildings, and homes.

Easy to install, easy to use.

A simple, hardware-agnostic, comprehensive offering that combines installation with an intuitive Saas application. Charging for end-users is as easy as using a smartphone.

Services across all points of charge

Holistic E-mobility solutions for your company or organization, and your employees or citizens — at home, at the office and even on the road.

Charging infrastructure installation and support

The single-contract solution for installation support, charger management, green energy management (in supported regions), and access to thousands of public charging stations.

Charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) anywhere it's needed, at home, at work, and even on the road.

Charger Management

Real-time monitoring, status-management, extended control and OTA-updates for all connected chargers.

Real-time monitoring, status-management, extended control and OTA-updates for all connected chargers

Infrastructure Management — Remote management of all connected chargers to increase efficiency and support

Access Management and Authorization – Single Sign On Account via App and/or RFID card at all relevant chargers

Business Operations

Manage. Track. Invoice. 
A scalable solution for account management, reporting and billing.

Billing Management + Payment Options — Utilize a flexible and scalable billing engine that enables all relevant billing for private and company users

Driver and Account Management — Ad-Hoc Payment on device or automated billing for company purposes for all user-groups

Reporting — Aggregated overview of all charging sessions with comprehensive insights on overall statistics or user-based information.

Smart Charging

Capacity booster. Renewable energy. Ease of use. For dynamic capacity management, renewables integration and a seamless customer experience.

Dynamic Load Management to manage connected chargers and available power capacity automatically

Charging + PV + Battery = Universal Home Energy Management System to optimize energy production and consumption

Enabling a seamless customer experience through the whole customer journey on all touchpoints

Points of Charge

At home. At work. On the road. 
All connected in one universal solution.

At Home — One-Stop Solution including all services and components to enable home charging for private and business users

On The Road — ingle Sign On Access with automated billing to ~ 400,000 public charging stations

At Work — The business solution for all commercial buildings including dynamic load management and billing for company cars and non company cars.


All components from one supplier for a seamless charging experience.

Charger — Choose from an assortment of smart and state-of-the-art AC and DC charger including connection to the backend for private and business usage

Installation — Evaluation, Planning and Execution of Installation-Projects of any complexity level, delivered against our own installation-standards

Energy — Integration of existing energy tariffs, combination with local PV-systems or delivery of Univers green electricity (available only in German

Energy Resource Manager

Extend decarbonization from fleets to facilities with Univers Building Energy Resource Manager.


Drive your decarbonization journey