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Renewable Energy Management

Maximize performance of your entire renewable asset portfolio through real-time data visibility and flexible, scalable management, forecasting, and storage solutions.

Navigating unpredictable charging demands

Massive footprints, diverse energy transition needs – and a big opportunity

Decarbonization at scale begins with transitioning to renewable energy production and delivery across municipalities and power grids.

The transition to green energy is a monumental challenge – but also an opportunity. As utility-scale providers, businesses, and governments move to modernize grids and power delivery, the new green ecosystem unlocks new revenue streams and opportunities for growth.


renewable share of energy generation in 2021


renewable share of energy generation needed in 2030 to meet 2050 Net Zero Emissions target


Annual generation increase needed to reach 2030 goals


Average annual generation increase between 2019 and 2021

Optimize renewable performance with data you can trust.

Increase profitability

Identify stopped and underperforming assets with real-time alerts on configurable displays. View product data, warnings, alarms and other key metrics on advanced ROC displays or mobile apps in the field

Reduce O&M time

Save O&M team time by automating the process of outage classification and reporting using advanced tools, including the Availability, Trend and Power Curve applications

Strengthen negotiating power

Utilize a centralized, scalable data historian and smart, event-driven algorithms to ensure vendors and suppliers meet or exceed SLAs

Our Approach

Univers Renewable Energy Management empowers investors, asset managers, and operators for any type of renewable asset to focus their efforts on identifying, addressing, and optimizing root cause issues, as opposed to cleaning and manipulating data. Maximize performance and reduce downtime with a renewable energy asset management system that grows with your organization’s needs.

Exceptional management and control.

Optimize performance and reduce downtime across your entire portfolio. View production data, warnings, alarms, and other key metrics in real-time from remote operating centers to the field. Future-proof your system by providing user tools to set up customized work spaces and dashboards .

Deeper insights, bigger-picture views.

Dig beneath the numbers and discover real answers to potential issues. Benefit from availability details, insight into alarms, events, and in-depth power curve analysis.

Data-driven decision-making.

In all industrial operations, the key to success lies in the decisions and the ability to make informed decisions quickly. Integrate weather forecasting, product planning, and personnel scheduling to ensure operations are managed with the right combination of analytics and business process workflows.

A powerful renewable data engine and visualization tool.

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Increase renewable efficiency and availability