Carbon Management

Carbon Management

Simplify and accelerate your decarbonization journey with the most complete end-to-end Carbon Management system in the world.

Univers offers end-to-end carbon management including carbon accounting, target setting, abatement initiatives, reports management and offsetting. Integrating real-time IoT data across operations, environments, and investments, Univers provides single source of carbon truth. The Univers platform can integrate real-time IoT data for energy consumption, environment, energy transition technologies, and renewable offsets to assure highest quality measurement. Our system integrates the physical and digital world with the rigor and confidence required to meet your GHG emission disclosure and compliance needs.


Measure, disclose and report GHG emissions


Set and track decarbonization targets


Integrate energy transition technologies for abatement


Decrease GHG emissions across your value chains


Access a marketplace of offsets to support Net Zero targets

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Measure and report GHG emissions.

Measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions using a combination of operational technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT) based on GHG Protocol standard.

Measure GHG emissions across the organization with carbon accounting based on GHG protocol. Set organization strucuture, assign owners, and capture al

Report KPIs and targets for your organisation's carbon foortprint.

Reduce GHG emissions.

Work towards reducing your organization’s GHG emissions through abatement management modules. Set targets, and plan & track abatement initiatives.

Set targets based on SBTi methodology, align targets across your organisation, and track performance against targets.

Manage carbon credit inventory and life cycles, offset emissions, provide carbon offset forecast and cost using AI/ML technologies.

Define and plan abatement initiatives to align with SBTi targets and organisational ambitions. Track progress on initiatives across the organization.

Offset carbon emissions.

Manage carbon credit inventory and life cycle, offset emissions, provide carbon offset forecast and cost using AI/ML technologies.

Manage your carbon credit inventory and life cycle to gain visibility and reduce risk.

Match carbon certificates to GHG emissions sources, activities, and entities for compliance and a smooth path to Net-Zero.

Forecast carbon credit needs and cost to plan for credit procurement, reduce offset costs, and mitigate risk.

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