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Electric Mobility

Univers provides an all-in-one EV charging solution for businesses, buildings and individuals.

Supporting the global transition to electric mobility

Today, there are 16.5m Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the road. By 2030, we’ll need charging infrastructure to support the increasing charging demands of some 245m EVs. Investment in global charging infrastructure needs to 10X to manage this demand.

Electric mobility is critical to achieving overall global climate goals. Electrification of fleets requires digital charging infrastructure to enable a seamless charging experience at every location necessary.

Univers Charge rises to this challenge, transforming businesses and buildings to support the mobility transition.


of Global GHG emissions are produced by vehicles


million Electric Vehicles on the road


investment in charging infrastructure needed by 2035

Ensure the success of your electric mobility transformation

Charge anywhere

To make electric mobility successful, charging infrastructure needs to be available at all relevant points of charge - at work, at home, and on the road.

Charging specialists

Together with our ecosystem of specialized partners, we are experts in EV charging solutions and major projects. We accompany our customers through the entire process: from appraisal and feasibility analysis to installation and commissioning to ongoing services and maintenance.

Global Coverage

We offer a globally scalable digital infrastructure, combined with local microservices to adapt to the needs of each invididual market.

Our Approach

Charging solutions are complex, requiring multiple components from installation, electricity sources, and the chargers themselves. Univers Charge offers all components in a single solution or as individual components to fit the needs of your enterprise.

Start with a globally scalable digital charging infrastructure

Univers Charge accelerates the transformation to electric mobility by combining a global charging-as-a-service backend with local market-specific microservices. The centralized backend scales to support the management of your global charging assets. The localization of market-specific micro-services fully adapts to the needs of your different locations.

Extend to all relevant points of charge

Univers Charge supports charging at work, charging at home and charging on the road (through integration of a roaming network) to provide a charging solution with highest possible convenience wherever needed. A single-sign-on user account via App and RFID card provides access to all usable chargers. Users can start, stop or pause charging sessions remotely, find the next charging station or check latest statistics on their charging. For Companies, all services related to charging are as automated as possible to minimize manual efforts, all relevant reporting and billing statements are available on demand within our Univers Charge Web Portal.

Adapt with services to meet individual market needs

Configure your charging solution with monitoring, customer support, electricity supply management (in selected markets), maintenance, reporting, and flexible billing. Create a smart connected energy network that can be integrated with renewable power sources such as wind & solar combined with battery energy storage systems (BESS). Maximize your decarbonization efforts without needing to wait for grid updates.

Solution Advantages


Help move the world toward decarbonized vehicle emissions by drawing on renewable energy sources to fuel your EV chargers.


See in real-time the charging status and history of every charger and user in your family or employee base.


Ensure your family members or employees all have access to charging at home, at work, and on the road through a single, smart App.

All-in-one solution for electric mobility.

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Drive your decarbonization journey