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Energy Storage

The grid of the future will have Energy Storage everywhere. Univers Energy Storage provides the tools you need to manage the complexity that comes with these flexible assets, enabling you to maximize profitability while minimizing warranty concerns and safety risks.

Variable by nature. Optimized through data.

Climate patterns create a natural mismatch between renewable energy supply and demand. To reconcile this misalignment, it’s predicted the battery value chain will increase 10x between 2020 and 2030 to exceed $400 billion annually.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are a new asset class with huge revenue opportunities from ever evolving and complex energy markets.

BESS is a key component of the future grid and these battery technologies need to be designed, built and operated safely and in compliance with local regulations.

Meet demand

Flatten the Curve

Maximize renewable energy generation and ROI while avoiding renewable energy supply outstripping grid transmission or capacity.

Revenue stack in real-time

Sophisticated monitoring and advanced analytics using data from BESS augmented with external data are essential for optimizing the profitability of these assets.

Be proactive about safety

Use low level alarm tracking and clustering to detect symptoms and and perform predictive maintenance based on rack and cell data to help with early identification of critical issues.

Our Approach

To provide a flexible solution for ever evolving and complex energy markets, Univers Energy Storage solutions are designed for integration, modularity and extensibility. Our solution is vendor agnostic when it comes to hardware and software, and we partner with other technology providers to deliver


Univers’ EMS & SCADA for Energy Storage are OEM vendor agnostic allowing users to optimize control across different asset types whether it be standalone BESS or storage coupled with renewables. By forecasting price, supply and demand of energy, our solution helps users maximize asset value according to a specified bidding strategy for energy dispatch, ancillary services, or capacity market participation, all while remaining in compliance with grid requirements.

Commercial and Industrial (C&I)

Univers Energy Storage helps our C&I customers value stack according to their systems’ behind-the-meter targets, whether they be peak shaving, price arbitrage or to maximize self-consumption to meet carbon reduction goals.


Energy Storage and Solar equipment manufacturers can pair their hardware with our smart and flexible microgrid controller, and intuitive consumer-focused monitoring application to meet the needs of their residential customers, to reveal cost-savings insights.

Transforming Your Asset Management

Centralized Data Ownership

Univers Energy Storage provides cross-domain and vendor agnostic monitoring, control, and advanced analytics. This leads to aligned KPI values across assets, sites and portfolios, easier scalability, and data-driven repowering and augmentation of existing assets. We offer a variety of preconfigured battery KPI’s based on Univers’ accumulated expertise enabling quick visualization of degradation trends, health metrics, and operational anomalies. Having a single source of truth allows for transparency on battery operational behavior and simplifies warranty management.

Flexible and modular

Univers Energy Storage integrates seamlessly with a variety of hardware and other technology suppliers for utility scale, commercial and industrial (C&I) and residential applications. Our customizable approach is essential for us to configure a solution that meets the specific needs of our customers.

Improved Safety, Efficiency and Longevity

Safety risks, especially fires, are a real danger for BESS operators. Given a single component can fail rapidly, this can lead O&M teams to struggle to respond to safety issues in a timely manner. Univers Energy Storage Alarm Center provides comprehensive alarms and notifications enabling users to configure alarms for severity, automatically stop systems, and cross check with Energy Management Systems significantly reducing the risk of safety issues and fires. Furthermore, equipment life can be extended by monitoring battery aging and calibrating charging patterns accordingly.

Increased ROI with Energy Service Value Stacking

Univers Energy Storage’s flexible and fast closed-loop controls for energy management enables our customers to seamlessly adopt any approach to battery revenue trading they chose leveraging the valuable operational data we provide in their value stacking bidding strategies. Some users choose to use traditional energy service value stacking by switching between activities throughout the day depending on corresponding opportunity costs and potential

Maximize your energy storage with a single system.

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