The leading renewable energy management software provider

Univers Bazefield provides real-time operational intelligence by aggregating renewable fleet data wind, PV, and energy storage into one user-configurable web portal.

By combining a powerful data engine with advanced modeling capabilities, Bazefield delivers actionable insights that increase asset availability and save O&M time. 

Real-time monitoring and control

Real-time situational awareness of all performance events on a renewable site.

Performance analytics

Rule-based, performance classifications automate regulatory reporting (eg GADS) and increase asset availability.

Configurable displays

Highly customizable dashboards and reports to empower remote operators and asset managers.

"Second level SCADA is the second project we have worked on with Bazefield. Bazefield was chosen for the first project, because of the perceived quality and adaptability of the product offering, and what appeared to be a flexible and collaborative delivery approach.

We chose Bazefield for this second project, because the product offering did indeed turn out to be excellent, but more importantly, the experience of working with the Bazefield team has been unparalleled."

Oliver Abell

Digital Ventures, SSE Renewables



Customer retention rate


Companies above 4GW in capacity


Renewable capacity in 47 countries


Years combined renewable data management and OT and IT experience


Monitoring and Reporting

Univers Bazefield enables operations and maintenance teams to monitor and control their entire renewable portfolio of pv/solar, wind, and battery storage. View production data, warnings, alarms and other key metrics in real-time and combine them with advanced that enable configurable displays that grow with your future needs.

View data from assets in real time.

Monitor your operations and assets and reduce down time.

See historical alarms that are affecting performance and estimate business impact.


Turn insights into informed decisions that improve operations. Combine native and 3rd-party weather forecasting and availability planning with the Bazefield Site Activity application. Plan and track asset and site service activities including work orders.

See overall site health in a single view.

Control your operations remotely with highly configurable schedule commands

Manage and automatically create works orders based on events on site and integrate irectly with your ERP and CMMS.

Monitor and track ongoing operations with pinpoint accuracy.

Performance Analytics

Dig deeper and find the root cause of all performance issues in your fleet using the suite of Bazefield Analytics tools, including availability, trend, and power curve applications. Track both outages and underperformances based on user-configurable alarms and categories designed to meet any contractual or regulatory requirement (including GADS for PV, wind, and battery storage).

Manage availability and down-time events.

Manage your uptime with power curve analysis and discover hidden underperformance.

View in detail the historical availability of a specific asset or a group of assets based on any availability standard.

Advanced Analytics and Energy Storage

Supercharge your renewable asset management with Univers Advanced Analytics and Energy Storage


Increase renewable efficiency and availability