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Green Financing

Achieve Green Finance targets within your portfolios and ensure compliance of your sustainability-linked loans by connecting to financial and real-world operational data from customers’ operations and IT systems.

Navigating unpredictable charging demands

Commitment to a greener path means greater accountability. Over $130 trillion of private capital is committed to decarbonizing financed emissions in investment portfolios through the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ). Self-reporting of derived emissions data by borrowers can leave your institution vulnerable to greenwashing or outright fraud. How do you green your portfolio while reducing greenwashing exposure?


of dollars committed to decarbonizing financed emissions

Grow your green portfolio safely and successfully.

Gain visibility

Gain accurate, real-time visibility into your borrowers’ progress towards their sustainability targets via high-quality, continuously-updated data.

Protect against risk

Safely accelerate deployment of green finance investments while protecting your institution from reputational risk and borrower fraud. 

Protect against management

Safely accelerate deployment of green finance investments while protecting your institution from reputational risk and borrower fraud. 

Our Approach

Univers helps you accelerate decarbonization efforts across your portfolio, giving the visibility and management you need to ensure you’re hitting your Scope 3 targets. 

From managing carbon accounting, to adopting more renewable energy and managing energy more efficiently, to offsetting with additional carbon removal, Univers lets your borrowers take action to decarbonize their operations. They can hit the sustainability targets you set, and you can drive real reductions in emissions while reducing your risk of greenwashing and fraud.

Start with carbon monitoring and accounting.

After instrumenting business operations, you and your borrowers can establish a baseline to measure improvements against.

Univers draws high-quality, near-real-time data from physical and digital systems – internal IT systems your customers use to track expenditures (e.g. ERP and supply chain management), and sensors installed in buildings, factories and transportation systems – to give tools to account for activity or spend-based emissions, and drive down energy consumption. 

Then transform and go green.

Once baselines and targets are established, and your customers are actively managing down the emissions of different business units and operations, they can begin to replace traditional energy sources with clean energy from solar, wind and other renewable energy investments.

This in turn creates a green financing opportunity for institutions, as customers borrow from institutions to finance energy transition investments, using financial instruments linked to sustainability targets.

Offset to reset the balance.

For emissions that can’t be eliminated from operations, customer organizations can purchase offsets, creating additional opportunity for you to resell and broker carbon offsets directly to customers to complete the customer’s achievement of sustainability targets as needed.

Solution Advantages

For clients and borrowers
Customized interface

The Univers system can be customized and branded per your institution’s requirements, including co-branding or “white-labeling” as necessary, enabling your customers to experience a familiar user interface.

For clients and borrowers
Constant tracking

Data accessed through dashboards show energy consumption, carbon emissions and reductions relative to targets for different parts of their organization. Gaps to targets are readily visible, allowing end-customers to identify what offset purchases may be required. Financial institutions can provide access to a marketplace of certified offset products as part of the program.

For clients and borrowers
Easy onboarding

As your customers are onboarded into green finance programs, relevant operational units are outfitted with energy monitoring equipment that connects to the underlying carbon management platform. For derived emissions, IT systems are accessed through standard vendor-supported data access interfaces.

Revenue opportunities
New financing opportunities

Sustainability-linked loans help finance the energy transition. As borrowers make investments in modern equipment and renewable energy assets, institutions have opportunities to provide necessary financing, while ensuring compliance and achievement of sustainability targets.

Revenue opportunities
Carbon offset resale and brokerage

As part of an end-to-end green finance solution for borrowers, high-quality, certified offsets can be offered directly to borrowers, further helping to drive a greener economy.

Accelerate decarbonization with a single system

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Grow your green portfolio.