ORIX Digitizes Operations Across Utility-Scale Solar Farms in Japan

What do you do with unused land? Build mega solar plants. Learn how Orix Renewable Energy Management is harnessing technology to generate renewable energy.

About Orix

Japan's largest solar asset manager transforms solar asset productivity

ORIX Renewable Energy Management Corporation (OREM) is the subsidiary of ORIX Corporation (ORIX), a diversified financial services group headquartered in Japan. OREM runs the operation, management, and maintenance of power plants that use renewable energies such as solar power. 

“With Univers' end-to-end solution and expertise, ORIX Renewable Energy Management can provide total customer support – from proposals to implementation to maintenance, which in turn helps our customers optimize energy use and reduce costs.”

Mr. Kazuhisa Yurita

Executive Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer,

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01Orix Renewable Energy Management's Challenge

With 1 GW of solar energy assets, including utility-scale, commercial and industrial, ORIX is the largest solar asset manager in Japan. It also develops and operates its own rapidly growing fleet of solar farms that currently generate 702 MWp in utility, including Niigata Yotsugoya Power Plant (55.6 MWp), Shiriuchi Mega Solar 20M Power Plant (24 MWp), and Hirono-Cho Mega Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Plant (24.3 MWp). ORIX’s OR Yamaguchi Mine Solar Power Plant (56.4 MWp) is scheduled to commence operations in October 2021. To contribute to Japan’s national goal of increasing its renewables mix to 24% by 2030, OREM wanted to implement innovative technology that can further increase the productivity of its solar assets.


Total Solar Energy Assets


Japan's 2030 national goal for renewable energy


02Power utility scale solar farms with innovative digital capabilities

Univers provides EnOS™ Coud, together with Advanced Analytics for Solar and Monitoring for Solar to OREM’s utility-scale solar farms across 82 sites in Japan.


Utility-scale solar farms across Japan


03Acquire insights into failure indicators and recommendations for corrective action.

Advanced analytics algorithms, which detects anomalies and predicts system underperformance while delivering smart remedial actions, will help OREM preemptively maintain the long-term efficiency and health of its PV assets.


4Optimize power generation capacity with better visualization capabilities.

With 360-degree view into OREM diverse portfolio of distributed assets, OREM’s operations and maintenance (O&M) teams will be able to better visualize power generation conditions to optimize production capacity.


5Respond faster in malfunctions with remote operational monitoring.

Univers Monitoring for Solar’s real-time remote operational monitoring capabilities across distributed PV sites also help OREM’s O&M team rapidly respond in malfunctions to reduce downtime and maximize power generation capacity.

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