Indorama Builds Sustainability into Operations with Digital Platform Pilot​

How can digital platform technology help a leading chemical manufacturer become energy efficient? By enabling smart plants that deliver real-time energy insights.

About Indorama.

Indorama is a leading chemical manufacturer with a high number of manufacturing sites and employees worldwide. It manufactures a multitude of products, including fertilizers, textiles, and more. 

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01Indorama's Challenge

Indorama’s business growth was accompanied by growing complexity in its manufacturing operations. As its success climbed, operational and energy demands escalated. Indorama faced an increasing number of factories, shopfloor assets, business technology systems, employees, and processes. This amplified energy consumption and made energy management more challenging.​ Indorama knew it needed to harness innovative technologies to better optimize factory operations. Plus, meet its ISO 50001 Energy Management System standards which it was rolling out globally.


02Gain centralized, real-time energy insights to improve energy efficiency.

Univers implemented a smart factory monitoring and optimization platform for the chemical company. The platform gathered data from smart meters and SCADA systems across its global network of factories to deliver real-time energy usage tracking on a single, centralized tool. With this visibility, the manufacturer can improve its energy usage performance, remotely


03Visualize energy consumption by asset with a digital platform.​

Univers also built a digital platform for each plant, allowing the manufacturer to oversee its machine and asset health remotely, and in real-time. The digital representation helps Indorama visualize energy consumption by utilities, process areas, assets and devices. Remote modeling and scenario forecasting of energy patterns (e.g., production volume and energy intensity) helps identify areas for energy/process improvement that optimizes its energy consumption.


04Benchmark performance across plants

Univers allowed easier energy performance benchmarking across plants, for the manufacturer to understand the energy model that works best for its business.


Energy Port Wide Energy Reduction

Achieve compliance to ISO 50001 energy management system globally.

As a result, Indorama is able to achieve compliance to the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standards globally. Helping the group become more energy efficient. And reduce overall costs.

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