The world’s most comprehensive decarbonization system

Solutions for IoT, renewables, energy storage, carbon management, and electric mobility.

When it comes to enterprise decarbonization, you don’t need whether or why. You need how.

Our EnOS decarbonization system integrates data from all your hardware and software systems in one holistic solution, giving you comprehensive, real-time visibility and control of energy usage and carbon emissions.

The result is faster, smarter action towards your decarbonization goals.





connected devices


of managed energy assets

The world’s first and only complete decarbonization system.

Our customers are powering transformation

Microsoft Leapfrogs Energy Innovation

How is a Tech Giant paving the way to a clean energy future? With intelligent building management capabilities that reduce CO₂ emission by ~42 tonnes annually.

Decarbonizing the future with a smart grid

We hope to grow new capabilities and leverage leading-edge technologies towards the creation of intelligent and energy efficient port systems, enabling us to excel in energy sustainability, while in pursuit of our goal for greater supply chain orchestration.

Mr. Tan Chong MengGroup CEO of PSA International
Every device.
Every asset.
Every operation.
All connected.

Real-time decarbonization intelligence for unmatched control and infinite opportunity.


Tailor your decarbonization efforts to the unique needs of your business

EnOS Cloud

An end-to-end OT and IT system for the most accurate and reliable data.

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EnOS Edge

Manage thousands of devices across your asset fleet.

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Customer Data & Devices

Single data pipeline for all your assets

OT Assets
EV ChargerSCADATraffic Controls
OT Assets
Building ControlsYard OperationsHVAC Systems
IT System
Enterprise Data LakeERP DataAPI Gateways
ET Market
Demand ForecastBidding StrategyEnergy Trading

End-to-end, from Edge to Cloud to Earth

Combine carbon accounting with IOT energy management in one connected system to save energy, lower cost, and open renewable revenue streams.

Even giants can have small footprints

Whatever the size of your enterprise, Univers can transform your energy usage.