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Harness the power of real-time, fully customizable advanced data analytics to unlock the hidden potential of Commercial and Industrial renewable asset portfolios.

Growing portfolios of distributed assets – a challenge to manage and optimize

Solar PV generation is increasing by more than 20% year-over-year.

The Commercial and Industrial-scale renewable energy asset class is growing rapidly as its flexible, modular nature makes it possible to deploy in areas where utility-scale solutions don’t fit.

Energy is produced closer to the site of consumption, the grid is decentralizing, and now the industry is faced with managing production and optimization across hundreds and thousands of smaller renewable energy assets. Solar PV prices may be decreasing, but so are subsidies, and initial installation still requires investment. 

How do you onboard disparate assets quickly and manage them effectively to maximize performance ratios?

Optimize performance of disparate assets with a single, data-driven system.

Maximize ROI

Even small performance optimizations can have a material impact on shortening the break-even period for new C&I installations. By enabling stakeholders to streamline daily O&M workflows and shorten integration time, you can increase ROI. 

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Scale effectively

With an ever-increasing number of disparate asset installations, you need flexible and turnkey solutions to onboard assets quickly, and monitor and optimize effectively as you scale.

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Minimize losses

Despite headway in PV generation technology, energy losses are still prevalent. Detecting the root cause of losses and streamlining operational processes can help you increase availability and reduce maintenance costs.

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Our Approach

Univers Commercial and Industrial solutions collect data from a diverse set of PV assets and other management and IT systems to give you total portfolio-level visibility. With your data unified in a single cloud-based asset performance management system, you can scale operations no matter how disparate your assets.

Gather data from any Solar PV asset.

Collect and clean data from any solar plant, data acquisition system – SCADA, datalogger, database – and third-party service and aggregate it into a single cloud data hub.

Monitor the availability of hundreds of assets at once and get the calculations, visualizations, and real-time updates and alerts you need to prioritize swift operational actions when it matters.

Transform data into valuable insights.

Leverage customized analytics to maximize solar energy production. Deploy personalized data analytics libraries and KPI calculations on your entire portfolio to identify slight, immediate, and progressive performance degradations.

Optimize performance portfolio-wide.

Make the right decisions at the right time to improve energy production rates and maximize the potential of your portfolios. Pinpoint assets that are impacting your plant’s performance, diagnose deviations, and compute theoretical losses.

Share custom reports and automate portfolio-level reviews with all stakeholders and towards proactive and predictive O&M processes.


CVE Monitors Industrial Solar PV Rooftop

CVE chooses Univers Qantum to Monitor the Largest Rooftop Solar PV Plant in France on an Industrial Building

Julien ColasOperations Manager at CVE

Asset management with a single system.

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