Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Univers Energy Storage works across devices, sites, and portfolios to improve safety and operational efficiency while opening up new revenue opportunities through energy trading and value stacking.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Univers Energy Storage delivers monitoring, control, and trading support for renewable assets and energy storage systems with seamless integration regardless of vendor or hardware manufacturer. Empower safe and efficient operation of your battery energy storage systems and microgrids, while unlocking new revenue opportunities with real-time data insights.


Enable preventative maintenance with automated alarms that provide early warnings to prevent failures.


Perform value-stacking to increase asset yields


A software solution that works across all of your storage hardware investments

“We hope to grow new capabilities and leverage leading-edge technologies towards the creation of intelligent and energy efficient port systems, enabling us to excel in energy sustainability, while in pursuit of our goal for greater supply chain orchestration.”

Mr Tan Chong Meng

Group CEO of PSA International

Control at device, site and portfolio level.

Ensure granular control with a comprehensive solution using data from BMS and BESS controllers at the device level, EMS and SCADA for solar, wind, and storage at the site level, all aggregated to Storage Monitoring and Control at the portfolio level, with options to add microgrid management and trading support.

Easily add asset management solutions, microgrid controllers, analytics, and support for energy trading, by leveraging a common body of operating data and APIs.

See real-time operational status of multiple sites through key asset KPIs, visualizations and alarms.

View connected devices in real time with detailed visualizations that enable O&M teams to rapidly identify issues of BESS components.

Improve operations and asset utilization.

Use analytics to reduce troubleshooting lead-time and unplanned downtime.

See asset operation statuses for multiple systems and sites in a single view with real-time notifications and alarms.

Get real-time notifications of faults through a collection of device and site level alarms that can be filtered according to device or severity.

Increase ROI and Battery Safety

Manage the health of your battery energy storage system (BESS), enable renewable microgirds, and unlock energy trading.

Monitor the health status of the BESS system with lifecycle statistics, degradations trends, health predications, and heat maps.

Forecast, monitor, control, and optimize behind-the-meter assets with a set of pre-defined objectives including price arbitrage and peak shaving.

Whether behind the meter or in front, enable value stacking by combining merchant bidding and trading platforms with dynamic energy management.

EnOS Cloud

End-to-end storage management purpose-built for your needs with Univers's flexible decarbonization platform-as-a-service.


Decarbonize your enterprise.