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Ports and Airports

Decarbonizing your own operations establishes a green corridor, making your port or airport stand out as a preferred option for global customers looking to hit Scope 3 emissions reduction targets.

Leading on Scope 3 improvements for customers is a real market opportunity

Transportation accounts for 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and is the fastest-growing source of emissions worldwide. As hubs of critical infrastructure, ports and airports need to green their operations, but doing so requires real capital investment, the prioritization and sequencing of these investments, and coordinated efforts with partners.

The global green logistics market is expected to be worth more than $1.5trn by 2030, presenting real opportunity. Ports and airports can lead the way as green energy and logistics hubs, gaining preference with customers and investors.


of global greenhouse gas emissions is from transportation


Global green logistics market value

Green your buildings and grow your returns.

Reliable green power

Develop on-site renewable energy generating and storage capacity, and optimize efficiency to gain energy autonomy, resilience, security and cost control.

Carbon reduction targets

Gain a comprehensive understanding of carbon emissions across your operations, and track progress towards goals.

New revenue opportunities

Sell excess green energy back to the grid and find arbitrage opportunities. Invest in green power generation as a value-add to tenants, and offer electric shore power to hybridized vehicles.

Our Approach

Univers offers an end-to-end systematic way to support your energy transition. Our system enables continuous measuring of energy usage across your facilities and operations. As your strategic, consultative partner, we use this data to create a blueprint for your energy transition and to support implementation. Orchestrate across distributed energy resources and leverage machine learning forecasts coupled with first principles-based optimization modules to lower your energy usage. Track carbon emissions and offset residuals.

Connect for real-time data measurement.

Start by instrumenting data collection, connecting all of your assets, facilities, and buildings, including cranes, reefers, EVs, and more to the Univers system.

Seamless systems integrations enable holistic, real-time monitoring of your energy usage and comprehensive carbon emissions tracking.

Orchestrate and optimize energy usage.

Bring green energy generation and battery energy storage systems online to further reduce emissions, control costs, and gain energy autonomy. Identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and optimize usage.

Move quickly to leverage more precise forecasts or identify which non-critical assets to postpone usage of in order to reduce energy costs. Track progress towards abatement.

Realize new revenue and offset residuals.

Optimize your system to minimize energy costs, and capitalize on arbitrage opportunities. Offset residuals via our carbon management software and integrated offsets marketplace.

Our customers are powering transformation

SITA helps airports cut fuel and power costs

Accelerate decarbonization with a single system

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Orchestrate and optimize your path to net zero

Whatever the size of your enterprise, Univers can transform your energy usage.