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Built Environment

Combine real-time data, advanced monitoring, and automation to reduce energy consumption across your portfolio of investments.

Massive footprints, diverse energy transition needs

The world's building stock measures 1.6 trillion square feet, 99% of which is not green. This massive scale of buildings and assets, most of which are not recently constructed or equipped with the latest technology, account for a significant portion of energy consumption and carbon emissions globally. Digitization and data are needed to decarbonize the sector, yet the heterogeneity of the assets is especially challenging, and the ROI on IoT energy efficiency programs can be elusive. 

Managing and optimizing energy usage across diverse assets represents a significant investment opportunity. Success can also increase the life of a building, its value, and occupancy rates. 


of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by buildings


square feet of space to be managed and decarbonized


in global investment for smart building technologies in 2021

Green your buildings and grow your returns.

Lower energy and resource costs

Univers Built Environment solutions reduce energy, water, waste, and labor by 5% or more.

Higher revenues

Energy efficient buildings (such as Energy Star or LEED certified) earn 3.7% higher rents on average and have 4% to 9.5% higher occupancy rates.

Green Compliance

Many locations (such as the EU and NYC) require energy and carbon reduction in buildings by 2030.

Our Approach

Decarbonizing your properties requires a holistic approach. Univers Built Environment solutions help you accelerate decarbonization efforts across your portfolio. It provides the visibility and management to increase efficiency, reduce consumption, and decarbonize while making your existing investments more effective.

Start with Measuring and Monitoring

Start by visualizing your energy consumption and decarbonization initiatives across your portfolio of buildings and facilities.

Combine operational technologies spanning sensors and existing monitoring systems with information technology to track and report carbon emissions by property with breakdowns for scope 1, 2, and 3. Put it altogether to monitor and benchmark energy consumption of each asset in your fleet, including HVAC, lifts, chillers, and more.

Then Diagnose and Detect 

Reduce energy consumption by quickly remedying underperformance issues and identifying improvement opportunities. Utilize a single pane of glass to detect and diagnose inefficiencies in equipment and system operations based on advanced data analytics proven to reduce energy waste and cost.

Next focus on fault detection by discovering asset vulnerabilities with rule-based algorithms using deviation limit checks that ensure mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems are optimized for energy efficiency and lifetime ROI.

Finally Optimize ROI through Decarbonization

Realize smart FM with predictive maintenance that saves time and cost while driving scope 3 reductions for tenants. Synchronize O&M work and asset downtime for building assets through the use of an auto-control scheduler and automated commands for all systems and assets.

Orchestrate and coordinate HVAC systems with automatic operational optimization of multiple devices including chillers, pumps, cooling towers, AHU’s, VAV’s, FCU’s, and more. Also utilize real-time monitoring of life and escalator operations to create automated predictive fault detection to support maintenance decisions.

Solution Advantages

Prioritized recommendations and improvements

Easily complement existing smart FM and ERM systems with Univers. Quickly discover, diagnose, and improve asset health and consumption anomalies prioritized by severity level.

Granular measurement, diagnosis, and optimization

View system performance across a variety of loss categories based on industry best practices, with deep dives for each. Analyze losses across a variety of assets using a full portfolio of statistical and analytical tools.

Portfolio visibility and reporting

Combine a variety of buildings, assets, systems, and sensors into a cohesive single source of truth that can be used for reporting and compliance.

Accelerate decarbonization with a single system

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Increase energy, water, and waste efficiency

Whatever the size of your enterprise, Univers can transform your energy usage.