PTT Group and Envision Digital (now Univers) partner to achieve net zero via decarbonization platform


2022-12-09 00:00


PTT Group

PTT Public Company Limited or “PTT”, the largest conglomerate in Thailand, is a fully integrated energy company which engages from upstream to downstream petroleum, coal, electricity, and infrastructure businesses. PTT was listed in Thai stock market on October 1, 2001. As a Thai Premier Multinational Energy Company, PTT has now planned to increase its long-term investments in new businesses in the New S-Curve industries. The move is in response to the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy, which seeks not only to develop existing S-Curve industries, but also build New S-Curve industries for the country. For more information, visit: Media Contact: For PTT Group, please contact +62 662-537-2638 Sandpiper on behalf of Envision Digital

Envision Digital

Envision Digital changed its name to Univers in September 2023. All mentions of Envision Digital now refer to Univers. Envision Digital is the world’s leading net zero technology partner for enterprises, governments, and cities, with the goal of accelerating progress towards carbon-free energy and improving quality of life for all of humanity. The company’s EnOSTM decarbonization platform manages over 220 million devices and 560 Gigawatts of electricity, powering highly configurable, end to end IIOT solutions that use AI to reduce carbon emissions and costs, improve return on capital, and simplify reporting and compliance.  The company has over 1,000 employees and 14 offices across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Malaysia, China, Japan and the United States, with headquarters in Singapore. Press Contact: Ash Lim Global VP of Marketing Cecilia MONTI Head of EMEA Marketing

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